You may have known me and a few years ago under the stagename “Katsuni”, this is the name of “warrior on high heels” that I’ve chosen for myself during 13 years. Today I present myself under my real name and I am much more often barefoot or wearing sneakers. I am now an actress, author of comics and not only that. I recently started to work as a “Dj”, I spend a lot of time training and working out (circus, martial arts ..) and I must say that I love it. You’ll find out soon that I do nothing by default or by halves.

Because exploring, experiencing, sharing are my first desire, I naturally decided to launch this blog : In order to share (with the ones who will be curious enough) all the things that excites me, amuses me, intrigues me. Whether in sport, culture, cinema … I do not set any limit otherwise to speak on my own behalf; this blog is personal and only reflects my point of view. Sometimes I’ll have the pleasure to involve someone’s else, most of the times some people who are experts in their field and whose opinions matter to me.

I hope you enjoy reading and yourself. This blog has no other intention but sharing a vision and an experience, the joy of being able to live things fully.
Welcome , and enjoy the ride!

And keep in mind: we live multiple lifetimes !


My bio completes here: http://www.iamcelinetran.com/biography/ and My Official Site.