Imagination, a field of infinite possibilities

Imagine that you’re a millionaire, you’ve just won a staggering amount in the Lottery. What would you change in your life?

To imagine something, it’s already the 1st step to make it happen.

Ask yourself that question : what if I become a millionnaire ? Of course, there is the material aspect, like probably a better and more comfortable place where to live. In the euphoria of this gift that fell from the sky, you might desire to realize to acquire luxury objects, to realize some crazy fantasies. But it’s behind all this that I invite you to think about. Once you’ve have celebrated, what do you plan to change in your life? What would it offer you, and how would it be different from today?

For example, would you want to spontaneously leave your job, your friends… your husband or wife? Would you want to live elsewhere, to have new hobbies? Would you eat better, would you go out more? Would you change your environment completely, would you like to create new rituals, establish a new daily life?

The goal here is not to create frustration but to invite your imagination to bring out what you aspire to, without limiting yourself.

Because we have this unfortunate tendency to think and analyze, while listening to our fears, our doubts. It’s normal, we want to preserve ourselves. But to want to be reassured, we tend to renounce risks, anticipate our failures, limit our field of action. Now, starting from the principle that “anything is possible”, do you know what you really want?

Of course, many will say that not everything is about money and material conditions, and they will be right. In fact, it’s precisely in order to free you from the weight of this material aspect and the means to be put in place, that I propose this little reflection. All start here, in the act of imagining and projecting yourself. TO GO TOWARDS, and not to avoid, flee, or to fight against something.

What man, what woman do you want to be?

Once this first step has been done, now look at your life changing choices. What do they say about you? What do you really need? What are you looking for through them ? How do you want to feel? Is it freedom ? Recognition ? Power ? The opportunity to get more knowledge, to share it ? Is it to isolate yourself? Do you want to build something? Is it just about you? Who appears in this new landscape? Visualize, feel : get ready for the change.

Finally, focus on the end state. Just imagine. You’ve gone through all the steps, and now you’re in the ideal situation: how do you feel now? What does this culmination generate in you? What changes in the way you look at yourself, at others, at your behaviour and the rest of your life?

To reach the « extrems » teach us a lesson.

It’s my firm belief that we really know each other when we have experimented our limits. The moments of sadness, anger and extreme loneliness, but also the moments of splendour and success. Then, we reveal ourselves the most. Are we jealous when we lack something? Are we contemptuous when we win? Do we abuse our power when we gain it?

If you really want to know what you want to do, if your life change is right, here is my advice: Use introspection and action.

Get to know who you are!

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"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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