Ladies & Gentlemen what about a great massage?

Today, I am pleased to announce that I am ready to offer you my services for professional wellness massages in Paris!

Wellness Coach

As you know, since last year, I’ve started to work as a sex & relationship coach. I am excited to take this new path where I can use my experience to guide you and answer your questions.

Most of all, I’m passionate about the relationship between body and mind, how the body can have an impact on our brain, but also, how your brain can hurt or cure our body. Before even speaking about sexuality, it’s essential to be able to feel connected to oneself, to take the time … to take time for oneself.

That’s why I propose a different concept than what spas use to offer. If you want a break in an exotic setting, or someone who will provide you a massage without asking you any questions, then the spa is probably the ideal place. ( I don’t criticize spas, I actuallly LOVE them ! But I must say, I felt often « lonely » and if the massage could be good technically, I rarely found an energy that gave me a real comfort. ) If you want to experiment something different, I propose a real meeting, based on an exchange, on listening and on the notion of intimacy.

My skills

Just like for sexuality & relationship coaching, I do not position myself as a therapist. I do not have a training in the medical field.

What I offer you is my attention, my experience, my skills, and my energy.

All this, in a caring and comfortable space, a kind of sweet cocoon in which you can fully rejuvenate yourself.

About my skills:

  • I was trained on a year in a Parisian school approved by the French Federation of Well-Being Massage. I learned to practice Californian, Swedish, Abhyanga, Thai, Lomi Lomi Massages (Hawaiian massage, my favorite!), Pregnant woman, and Specific massage for the skull and the face. I got my professional certification. in June 2018.
  • I then immediately went on to train in traditional Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai, where I followed almost two months of intensive training.( massage on futon, on the ground)
  • Also, I studied Ayruvedic cares and massages.

What does a session look like ?

I’ll have the pleasure to welcome you for a session of 1h45 which includes:

  • a discussion that will allow us to converse on your desires, and identify your needs. (Needs and desires are not necessarily the same!) I am listening in order to you to know better and to see how you feel with your body.

Do you suffer from stress? Do you suffer from a complex, overweight issues, do you have trouble letting go? Have you had some traumatic experiences that prevent you from trusting again?

  • The massage techniques act on the fascias and the muscles, the circulation of the blood and the lymph. They help calm the nervous system, relax muscle tensions, work smoothly on the joints to make them more mobile. They contribute to a better sleep, to relax, but also to energize.

Whatever your physical and health condition and appearance, whatever the way you look at yourbody, my way to look at you is never judgmental . It’s your feeling that matters to me, so that you feel good, that you feel beautiful. My pleasure and my intention lie in being able to transmit to you a sensation of physical and mental well-being.

The rightness of the gesture and the technique are necessary. But most of all, it’s the intention and the energy that matter. Providing a massage is an exchange of energy. It’s a “dance between gesture and breath”.

I offer you a personalized “signature massage”

Your choice:

  • a table massage with oil (or “honeyed massage”) lasting 1h15. The pressure can be soft or very strong, but also alternating. It all depends on your preferences, and your tensions. I work with my hands but also a lot with the forearms. (This is a specificity of lomi lomi which is very enveloping)
  • a massage on futon, Thai Yoga Massage (without oil, then you must wear loose clothing, to be comfortable or I can provide you a suitable Thai uniform ). It also lasts 1h15. This massage is on the futon, on the ground, with a more “toned” dimension.
  • It stimulates the points of energy using thupmbs, palms, arms and sometimes, feet pressures, in order to exert stretches and mobilizations.
  • Don’t worry, it’s not made to painful, I remain at your disposal. However, some techniques can be uncomfortable at the moment and bring a great well-being afterwards! The idea is to realase the tensions and for that, it can help to work on them directly, but also on connected parts of the body . (for example, if you feel some pain at your lower back, it will be usefull to provide some massage on the belly).

After one appointment, I can then propose a shorter formula of 60 minutes of massage, for 150 euros. But always, we keep in touch by email and  i’ll invite you to let me know who you feel and what you expect for the next session.


  • Reservations are made  sending me a message on the Contact Page. Please click here.
  • Reservations are confirmed once the payment is fully made (by wire transfer or using the mobile phone app Lydia)
  • Rates are 210 euros for 1h45 , or then 150 euros for 60 mn.
  • It’s possible to cancel or modify the appointment at least 48h before the date. Then, there is no refund.
  • I’ll send you the address once the reservation is made. I work in two beautiful locations (wellness centers) in Paris.

Note: I specify that this is NOT a service of an erotic nature or leading to a service of a sexual nature. If the massage has a sensual aspect and it gives pleasure, it’s not sexual.

Any inappropriate request or disrespectful behavior will terminate the session immediately and will not be refunded.

"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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  1. Hi where can I book a massage from you? I will be in LA next week and I hope you’re place in that side
    I want to know more about the price and I read all regulations

    1. Hello, I just added the information s about the location, sorry I forgot about it! I ‘m based in PARIS, FRANCE. All the other informations are already in the article. Please read.

  2. Thank you, I can’t wait to book a session or many when I get to Paris.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Congratulations on taking all you have learned and using your knowledge to help others.

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