My new job: Sex Coach

My journey around the body and sexuality

So far, I have regularly responded to the requests that I received through my blog and social networks. I am neither psychologist nor sexologist. Without judgment, I’m simply trying to bring my point of view as a human being, a woman, and a ex-porn actress.

I am now 39 years old. I’ve been working in the adult industry for 13 years as an internationally recognized performer , then a director and producer in France and the United States. I’ve also performed for 15 years as a stripper. I stopped these activities about five years ago and took a step back to retain the best of this extraordinary experience. I have been into different relationships before, during, and after my career in the adult industry. I know what it is to be addicted to sex, to feel guilty or, on the contrary, to blossom through sexual practices. I know what it is to live abstinence, periods of low libido, doubts, jealousy ( from me or my partner), to be unfaithful or betrayed, to be abused, desired, fantasized, and, fortunately … loved.

The writing of my autobiography “Don’t say that you like it” (Fayard – still not translated in English) has been a decisive event  in this process. It’s a professional step, but most of all, a personal and symbolic one. It’s the way I chose to share with you my journey and my feelings, what I learned from this path of initiation. If pornography is a form of sexuality that is apart (it’s a show, a caricature of sexual practices designed to excite the viewer, and it’s not supposed to be a exemple to follow!), it has allowed me to learn a lot in my relationship with my own body, but also with men, women, their taboos, fantasies, doubts and ideals. Their humanity.

My experience at the service of your questions

Regularly I receive questions, calls for help, requests for my opinion. In fact, after I retired from porn, I didn’t really want to pursue my path in the register of sexuality. It was time for me to explore other areas! And this is what I did. Since then, I am an actress (with clothes on! lol) and an author. But finally, I must admit that sexuality remains at the center of my life. Let’s say that I extended my field of exploration, focusing on the relationship with the body, through the practice of martial arts, circus arts, yoga, and recently, well-being massage. But the energy is the same, it’s just different languages.

So far, here what I did in this field…

  •    Several years ago, while I was still an adult actress, I gave some advice on a French TV show. I have always insisted on writing my own texts. When I start something, I do it fully.
  • A year ago I run a live show on Facebook with the collaboration of Next Plz website. I also started posting the recordings of this program Plz Yourself on my Youtube channel and my FB page(sorry it’s in French!) .. The line was saturated by calls!
  • I also proposed a Readers’letter on my blog as well as some articles in order to give advice on seduction and certain sexual practices.
  • I also made videos about prevention, which I post on my Youtube channel my official Facebook page. The first video aroused interest as I discussed the differences between sex on camera in porn videos and “in real life”.
  • Finally, I am now a director of collection at comics publisher Glénat . (I’ll post an article about this), named Porn’Pop and dedicated to sexuality.


I’m currently working on writing a new book (a guide to sexuality!) And I want to resume the dialogue to answer your questions, whether they relate to seduction, sexual practices, romantic relationships, or pornography as a viewer or a professional. Demand is pouring in from all sides, especially with the confusion that can generate excessive consumption of adult movies.

Many people and media are blaming the porn world by accusing it of being a form of deviance, or at least of influencing its audience in an unhealthy way. I am not saying that these reactions are unfounded. But most of all, it’s the solutions that interest me. And for me, these are in each individual, in its development and ability to communicate.

To advise becomes my job!

You can imagine that it takes me a lot of time to send consistant answers. On the other hand, I continue to pursue several professional activities where I invest myself every day. Meanwhile, Youtube refuses to monetize my videos where I talk about sexuality (what a surprise), and my blog is a platform where I do not want to put ads, so it does not have a lucrative function. In order to make me available on a regular basis, the solution is to offer my advice in a professional and structured way.

For this, I now propose you to contact me directly. Depending on your time, budget, communication mode preference, several options are possible.

Topics we can talk about

Just a few examples ..

  • Relationship to the body and the performance.
  • Practical tips on sexual practices (for example:  anal sex)
  • The ability for “letting go”,  but also to keep the control.
  • Phobias, addictions (sex, porn videos, escorts …) ….
  • Desire disorders

Rates & Conditions

  • Meet me at my office  in Paris: 150 euros for 1h appointment
  • Let’s chat on Skype: 45mn : 110 euros

Book a session

For those who are interested, here is the procedure to follow:

-Just send me a request via the contact page of this blog. Please answer the questions.

-The appointment is confirmed  the payment made in full. (securely by bank wire transfer or credit car on a secured platform)

To read before contacting me!

  •  I repeat, I do not offer services of an erotic or sexual nature. I never did and will never do escort.
  • I am neither a psychologist nor a sexologist, I don’t have vocation to cure you or to solve all your problems. Moreover, if faced with a question, I feel unable to help you, I will redirect you to specialized professionals and whom I trust. What I propose is of the order of the council and the accompaniment, according to my current knowledge (which I enriched daily by my researches and readings) and my experiment. I don’t pretend to replace a consultation conducted by psychiatric professionals.
  • I’m certified as Practicioner in Eriksonian Hypnosis, which allows me to use very efficient techniques for the ones who want to work on their phobias, addictions, self-confidence issues for example.
  • I also do not propose miracle solutions or “turnkey” solutions. The answer is often in yourself, and in order to resolve a crisis situation, you must first … really want to! It must be accompanied by an effort to question, the courage an the will to act, to eventually change certain behaviors and ways of thinking. The problems we think we have are, most of the time, a “mistake” of perception and often lead to difficulty in expressing ourselves.
  • I am listening to you to encourage you to follow a path that will help you make a change. The goal is that you feel good, happy, alone and / or in your relationship. Quite simply !

FInally, don’t forget that English is not my 1st language! My French accent is very heavy.

* I need to have your first and last name because my job is declared. And in application of the decree n ° 83-50 / A issued by the Ministry of the Economy and the article L113-3 of the Code of the Consumption, I am obliged to deliver you a receipt or an invoice for any service exceeding 25 € TTC and to keep a copy. Of course, I undertake to keep this information strictly confidential and not to disclose our exchanges, unless you agree that I publish extracts on my blog.

"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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