The art of Touch : place your heart in your hand

The art of touch

“We pray for those we touch, for them to be happy and for the disease to free them.” ( from the prayer preceding the practice of Thai massage)

A meeting with oneself and others

To develop the sense of touch in benevolence, to use specific techniques in order to take care of targeted areas, to help someone connect with his/her body, bring him/her kindness, comfort and energy … That’s what really matters to me today.
These words can make people smile, given my previous career in the adult industry. When I was a “pornstar”, I was myself looking for answers in my relationship to my body. My choice of career was most of all a personal choice and an initiatory path. My intention then was to feel and share pleasure through a form of sexuality staged and often caricatural. (I speak about it in my autobiography “Don’t say you like it” for now in French and hopefuly soon translated in English.)

Today, I extend my desire far beyond sexuality, aiming not at the show, but at the proximity. Not the fantasy, but the reality. There is nevertheless a clear link between massage and sex: the interaction between two bodies, a language, an energy, a relationship.
And since we are talking about sexuality, here is my firm belief: Before a human being experiences his/her first sexual experience, it would be extremely beneficial if he/she could first, since his/her young age, to learn the joys of massage. ( I also think that would be useful to be initated to first aid courses, self-defense, martial arts techniques and spirit, and meditation practice.)

Massage is an education of the body: of itself and others …

It’s an exploration of its mechanisms, of what composes it: skin, muscles, fascias, bones etc… It’s an opportunity to give and receive pleasure through an innocent contact. Without fear, without threat, without judgment. Massage is a school of listening and respect.

Pleasure, sensuality… What about erotic massages?

Of course, it’s possible to use massage techniques with sexual intentions. There are some massages clearly dedicated to erotism. This is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as two people are willing to have sex, this can be an excellent preliminary. But you will understand that this is not what I’m talking about here. The type of massage I am referring to, is for everyone and doesn’t include intimacy.
It aims to provide physical and mental relaxation to men, women, adults of all ages, but also teenager and children. If it doesn’t have a therapeutic vocation (at least, not the kind of massage I’m practicing for the moment), it can participate to a process of “better-being” and eventually healing.

My professional certification

I am pleased to announce that I’ve made my very first step in this field, by obtaining a few weeks ago, my Certification in Well-beingMassages . For one year, I’ve joined professional training in a school certified by the French Federation in Well-beingMassages. During our classes, I learnt notions of anatomy, how to behave as future professional therapist, as well as techniques allowing me to practice massages, from 1 to 2 hours, in different styles:

Californian massage
Face massage
Abhyanga (Ayurvedic / Indian)
Lomi-Lomi (Hawaiian)
Massage for Pregnant women

Thai Traditional Massage

In the process, I also obtained a certification in Traditional Thai Massage at a reputable school in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand). This allowed me to affirm my basic knowledge, but above all, to give me the desire to explore even more. In fact, I plan to return to Thailand next year, in order to continue a thorough training aimed at a therapeutic level.

The beginning of a new adventure

As you can guess, with this new practice of massage but also martial arts and yoga, I gradually draw my path towards a direction which is finally in perfect continuity with my former career in the adult industry: body awareness.

It’s not about performance, but about balance and harmony.

Along with my other activities (in cinema and publishing, that I don’t plan to give up!) I want to continue to train in this area and choose some specializations. I’ll inform you of this progress in due course.

You must ask yourself: So what’s coming next? What’s the goal? To open a spa? This is not my intention but indeed, I intend to practice massage professionally, and of course, in the best conditions. Thinking of it , I already smile!

I wish you a nice day and a beautiful summer!

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