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I’m back!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I haven’t posted anything. The last few months have been particularly busy and actually, it’s not going to stop! But this is the choice I make fully, in my desire to learn always more, so I can continue to “grow” and share better. What is leisure becomes passion, what is passion becomes a vocation. Between the “personal” and the “professional”, I rarely make the distinction! This way of living things leads me today to an obvious conclusion: the rest of my career must be devoted to body awareness.


In this journey around the body, there are other languages ​​that are all connected to each other, united by the same sexual / vital energy that drives us all. Among them, sport, and more specifically martial arts. When I discovered it as a teenager, karate became for me a real first step in my knowledge of my body, and today I”m happy to be able to continue today my apprenticeship. And for the ones who don’t read all my posts on social networks, I’m very glad to announce that I have successfully passed my 2nd dan black belt exams in shotokan karate and 1st dan black belt in taekwondo.

Both events took place in June after a fairly intensive training session that I launched as soon as I finished writing my book in February. I had the chance to benefit from the advice of experts such as Jean-Jacques Roger, 73 years old (!!!) and who regularly met me in the dojo at 7am. I also benefited from an internship of Patrick Attia, 7th dan of karate, as well as the young multi-champion of France, Europe and ranked at the world championship, Micky Mrozek. With such teachers, how to fail ?! I am very grateful to them for the energy and time they have given me. It is an honor to be able to enjoy the knowledge of such skilled and passionate people.


This other goal has been achieved but I must admit, it was far from being won! As it took me more than one year to recover from my foot injury, I missed a lot of trainings.Taekwondo is very close to karate (Korea has been invaded by Japan, the imposition of karate on the territory has left its mark) while claiming major differences that can be confusing. (level of positions, timing, rules of the fights …). And of course, the difference of languages. But there is no secret: work, concentration, determination, are the keys of success.

Black belt

So here I am, black belt of these two disciplines. I wouldn’t have believed it 4 years ago!. Everything is possible when one gives itself the means to reach its goals. That being said, I ‘m still not an expert!

Being 1st and even 2nd dan, means to be a confirmed beginner,

It validates the fact that one owns the basics. And in reality, that’s where everything starts! That’s good news, as I have no intention to quite lol In my next post, I’ll talk about another body language that I also start exploring: massage!

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