The day I danced on sacred music

Sexuality and the sacred

I was a “pornstar” and a stripper when I did this performance for French artist Prune Nourry and her inspiring project “Genesis”.

That was actually the first time of my life I was on stage “not for myself”. Yes, I was Katsuni by then, and it was making sense to dance for this exhibition dedicated to a reflexion about sexuality & sacred art. But this time, I was “just” a part of a project. I was not there to get paid or represent myself. And yes, it felt good… It felt so good to use my body as a way to express someone else’s vision and to not be into seduction, to finally do something which had nothing to do with the ego. Something pure…

Pole-dance is for sure, not my specialty , but the idea was to create a simple choregraphy using different inspirations from the Antiquity.. You can watch the whole video on and of course I invite you to follow Prune Nourry ‘s work !

"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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