#Video Dust Machina: Katana, my love…

Two years ago I was filming this little demo video of manipulation / tricks with a “katana”. Obviously only a few techniques are realistic, it’s really about tricks and not about fight. I learned to use a katana with a clear goal : to be able to fight and perform with it on camera as an actress. I will soon post a little fight that I had also did before.
Big thanks to the excellent Godefroy Ryckewaert who directed and edited, and Gary Cothenet who spent a lot of time with me to teach me the choreography and train with me! We laughed a lot, sweat a lot and we even trained in the woods. (The few passers-by looked at us strangely.) In short, if the shooting has been a bit tough in terms of conditions, here are some great memories!

Thanks also to Teddy Masson (photography) and ESHA (make-up) without whom this video wouldn’t look so cool. Personally, if I see here many “negative” things regarding my performance, I am still very happy 🙂 I hope you will also enjoy!


"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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