Sport and Meditation: the keys to wellness

Here we go! Here is a new article by our favorite personal trainer Xavier Tresallet. I admit that I especially like what he wrote today . This topic is essential in my opinion: to practice a sport and to surpass itself is good, not to practice sport … hum … maybe..Anyway the rules to reach welness are quite simple, but in the “noise” of the society in which we live, we must make an effort to reconnect to ourselves. It’s also a gymnastics . I practice it myself and I can tell you that it’s really efficient! Ok time for me to let Xavier speaks….


Many of us are looking for a way we feel happier, better in our head, better in our body, and to look fit. But in order to achieve this, we all have a tendency to search the solutions on the outside that are in fact on the inside of ourselves. One day we feel depressed and here it is, we take a medicine or a few glasses of alcohol, or at best, we eat some chocolate … in a few words we seeks outside the problems that in fact are from the inside.


We spend more and more time watching TV, playing video games or working/ entertaining ourselves on our laptop. Why do we become addicted to this technology? Because they provide us emotions, and when we feel emotions we actually feels alive, then we just  wants to get some more… and more. But these emotions are artificial, and are just some additional informations that our brain will have to “digest” and process.

As a result, instead of feeling better, our sleep is less good, we feel more tired and more vulnerable. Not to mention our disconnection with the world around us, with nature or with our friends. Fortunately, there are quite simple solutions that require only a little willpower and organization.


All our being is energy, and this energy needs to move. Movement is life, and we have to awaken the life we ​​have in our bodies and our minds that are so tired … We must move, no matter how, but we must do it conscientiously. Strength training, yoga, dance …. We have many different options to do it and enjoy it …

Practicing sport will:
• Strengthen our muscles, support our bones, strengthen joints and stimulate major organic functions, improving breathing, blood circulation and digestion.
• Not to mention mental benefits like improving sleep, self-esteem … This has been confirmed by numerous studies demonstrating that the practice of physical activity was acting on our brains in a manner comparable to antidepressants.


In order to optimize our well-being, it’s also important to reconnect our mind to the nature and to our own body through the practice of meditation. I’m not talking about becoming a Buddhist monk, but simply about coming back a few moments, each day, in the present moment, pressing the “reset” button on the computer you have in your head. Meditation in full consciousness is a way of “being in the world,” leaving aside the worries, problems, regrets of the past and fear of the future.

In public transports, concentrate on your breathing, on the movements of your abdomen at the inspiration and expiration. When some thoughts come to you, do not fight them, just realize their existence and let them slip. If you walk, concentrate on your feet, on your feet that land and unfold on the ground, feel the air on your face, and do not stop on your thoughts, focus on your steps and breathe …

This practice of mindfulness meditation will help you reduce stress, reduce your muscle tension, your heart rate, your blood pressure, and your brain aging … It will improve your immune defenses, your concentration and your strength. Your energy. These are only a part of the benefits of meditation associated with sport that I let you discover for yourself as you’ll start your initiation …

We are a soul and a body, let’s take care of both …



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