Sport: When performance becomes a danger

I recently wrote an article about the relationship pleasure & pain and the analogy between sport and sexuality (where effort and pain, by generating adrenaline and endorphins, gives rise to such a state of trance and a sensation of well – being that they can become addictive).

    There is another striking resemblance between sport and sexuality: the need to perform and to compare oneself to others.

When many refer to Youporn videos for sexual practices (and then, unfortunatly, can create some insecurity issues), others take Youtube videos as references for sports achievements. With the current enthusiasm for Cross Fit, the taste for exploits seems to have increased in recent years. Nothing wrong with wanting to mentally and physically surpass oneself,  it’s even the essence of sport , but be careful not to mistake the objective. Today our personal trainer Xavier Tresallet devotes a warning article: when performance becomes the only criterion, watch out for danger!

Everyone doesn’t necessarily have the spirit of competition, nor necessarily the urge or the need to surpass oneself. One can simply want to feel good in one’s body, to ” feel alive” and fit. When you start a sport, you don’t have to spit “blood and water” for it to be useful for our body and our mental well-being, in fact this is quite the contrary.

Youtube videos showing athletic exploits at the limit of human capacities, and especially at the limit of  articular, muscular, cardiac risks and so on, explode on the web. As a result we see more and more people making totally improbable movements without any technique, from guys thicks like lollipops sticks manipulating heavy loads (to make Conan the barbarian being jealous) or even people with overweight who runs in the heat of summer ( and looks as red and shiny as the tomatoes full of pesticines of supermarkets.)

The phrase “No pain no gain” shouldn’t be taken literally. There are different forms of pain.

  •     There’s one that will paradoxically give you pleasure on the blow and will make you proud afterwards, it’s a sought and calculated suffering that one doesn’t get by chance.
  • And there’s the one that will, at best, cause you wounds and will force you to stop any physical activity for a certain time, which means the one that will leave you more or less serious sequelae, and at worst, the one that will make you sick or dead 800 people/year are victims of heart attacks during sport activities in France).

Youtube videos rarely show you all the people who get injured by trying their “exploits” and they also don’t  show the number of years of training to get there. I want to remind that it’s normal, and in fact, even salutary, not to want to become a champion, not to absolutely want to “impress on Facebook”. The main goal should remain to improve ones health, bodyshape  ( in the long run), ones well-being and to reduce stress … in a few words: take care of yourself !

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