The benefits of weight training on your brain #2

Hello! And to start the week on the right foot,  here is a new article from our personal trainer Xavier Tresallet.

Today, everyone knows that in order to live and age in the best possible conditions, it’s better to have a healthy diet, and a regular physical activity. We also know that the good health of our brain increases (beyond our intelligence) our ability to age longer with a clear and responsive mind. Hence the adage: “A healthy mind, in a healthy body”.

But what should we do, concretely, in order to optimize our physical condition and our brain? Here are some answers from science.


While everyone thought that doing crosswords, sudoku or playing chess, was the best way to stimulate the brain, we now know that this is far from being the best way.

Let’s put an end to the old cliché that says that anyone who does body-building necessarily loses neurons; neuroscience has just proved that muscles-strengthening exercises (which means that oppose resistance to the muscles) are effective in the preservation of the cognitive functions and to increase the production of neurons.

In a Canadian study of women aged 65 to 75, it was found that two weight-training sessions per week for one year,  increased cognitive abilities by more than 12%. By regularly practicing bodybuilding, you will therefore improve your ability to concentrate but also your ability to resolve conflicts. “We already knew that bodybuilding helped us stay younger for longer, we now know that it helps us to be less stupid!”

Two other strategies are effective and even complementary to boost your brain: moderate aerobic activity (sports, Nordic walking …) and meditation.


The board of scientists to keep a brain healthy?

30 minutes of sporting or Nordic walking per day, at least two weight training sessions per week
10 minutes of meditation by (+ trying to do things in full consciousness several times a day)

To conclude I will say that  beyond the physical aspect, sport influences the mind, and that the mind influences the body. And this is perhaps the most important point: having a toned and healthy body is a necessary condition to have a healthy mind.


Xavier Tresallet –  Coach Sportif 

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