Which super hero is your biggest fantasy?

I don’t really post any “sexy” content here  on this blog  but one of the sections is named # PolaroidStory,  and the idea is to select a picture in my archives and to tell you a story. You must therefore expect to find here many stories from my past career. “You shouldn’t talk about it if you want to move on,” “You shouldn’t show sexy pics if you want to be taken seriously!” These are kind comments / advices that I hear but you must know that I have no issues mentionning my past, my ex-pseudonym . Ok, I just avoid showing nudity. But one thing is sure,

“Today” is what matters most, and acts are worthier than words.

This blog is also a personal diary and I enjoy sharing my memories. I’m not “just one person”, I’m not either “a good person” or “a bad person”, a “porn actress” or a “mainstream actress”. I’m all this at once and much more, just as you too have wealth of your experience, even if you may prefer certain periods of your life.

In France, one complains of lack of flexibility, of tolerance, of being labeled, enclosed in boxes. Let us begin by practicing this open-mindedness and this indulgence to ourselves, let’s begin by ceasing to be ashamed of what may be our origins, diplomas, bank accounts, skills …

Each one  evolves and improves according to its own objectives.

For my part, I’m very happy to have retired from the adult industry, and yes I’ve often said it, I rarely liked to look at myself while doing my job. If I felt pleasure in living pornography, I rarely found these images beautiful.

Many times I had the opportunity to work with a German photographer that I like very much, Peter Czernich. An exceptional artist, stylist, photographer and director. I’ve been delighted to pose in his creations. And it’s therefore a real satisfaction to keep some nice pictures of this meeting. Here, I simply preferred to hide the chest, a little bit of modesty  😉 I remember that I liked this outfit so much  that I bought it. It must therefore be hidden somewhere among my old outfits!  (It would be nice if I would one day organize a big sell of my belongings, what do you think?)

I guess you’re wondering why this title? I particularly like this picture because it reminds me of an ideal that I had in mind since I was a teenager. I who was so shy.  The day I saw the movie “Batman, the challenge” with Michele Pfeiffer playing Catwoman, a fantasy began to emerge in my mind. Selina was the shy secretary during the day, and the powerful mistress at night …. fighting on stilettos,  dressed in a  latex suitcat …

One day I will be her ….

Of course, since I’ve  understood that being a woman is not about being just a seductress, but I’m happy to have fully played the game  and to have made such beautiful photos. Yes, it happens that pornography reaches eroticism … What about you? What character made you fantasized? Who is your ideal?  Who would you like to be at least the time of a photoshoot? 🙂


"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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  1. I always wanted to be the well dressed gunman in the suit or long coat. Chow Yun Fat. Keanu in The Matrix and John Wick.

    1. I think your an great inspiration….. I would love to know someone like you….. i think I shyed away from a chance to get to know you on social media and I regret that. mabie some day I will get the chance again!?…… I just hope the rabbits will be fine….. G

      1. Thank you. Well, this blog is in fact where you can learn to know me and contact me!

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