Jailbreak: who I’m fighting with?

If you have followed me a little lately you are not unaware that I performed  in a feature film (comedy / action) last summer, which was shot and produced in Cambodia. All these hours of training have finally paid off and the film will be released in cinemas in its native country on January 31st !

The film is already quite international since it was shot in French, English and Khmer …. and for my part guess what, I also have dialogues in Khmer (oh yeah, “ça vaut le détour”). For now I have no information yet to provide about the distribution in France but of course I’ll let you know what’s happening next.

Now, as I’ve already presented  Jailbreak official trailer, let me give you today a little overview of the main characters. In your opinion, who I’ll fight with??

 I am “Madame”

Businesswoman, I am the unofficial leader (and yes I remain in the shade) of a particularly dangerous gang composed of women only: the “Butterflies Gang”. Oh … what did I say … one man belongs to the gang and he means a lot for Madame since he’s her cover; therefore he’s  the official head of the Butterflies. But here’s the thing: he’s a perfect target and he had the good idea to get arrested by the cops. Here is a good reason to make Madame feel nervous, and as she always has a katana in a hand, it’s not very smart to make her angry…

“Playboy” the nice villain

He is a scoundrell, a coward, and a traitor! In the middle of the battlefield his central position (everyone wants to catch him) creates both a reason to fight and laugh. If Jailbreak is an action movie with a lot of brutal fight scenes, it’s nonetheless a comedy. Playboy (yes, I also took time to get used to this name!) Is therefore the burlesque character of the story. Let us not be afraid of words, he deserves his slap. Will Madame manage to keep him from speaking?

The task is tough as the opponents are strong … The team of police officers who is responsible for the safety of our fake gang leader is not tender, and it turns out that everyone is a true expert in arts martial arts.

Dara, the prodigy

This young goodlooking man and athlete is the leader of the Cambodian special force and his concern is to remain so. But here is an issue: a 6 foot “young recruit”calls into question his authority: JP, all fresh and arriving from France joins the team . Dara doesn’t really appreciate this change, especially since he has a crush on his pretty team-mate, Tharoth. Then no need for another alpha male in the group. The tension is rising within the team but it will be necessary to stand shoulders to shoulders against the opponents who promise to be numerous …

Tharoth, the Warrior

The film’s main female character, Tharoth is the first female fighter to join the police. She is fierce and independent, and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. In the midst of all this violence will there be a little space for romance with one of her teammates? Dara? Or JP? Will she survive her fights?

JP, the provocative agent

JP is a GIGN officer from Paris and he’s on a mission to train the Cambodian troops but… he has no idea what he’s going to face. One thing is certain, he’s ready to fight. And we can tell you right away: in terms of fighting, he’s an expert.

Bolo, the ruthless

Seriously, this guy is as scary in the film as on set. Well, I still took a picture of him with Dodo but honestly, even with my katana, I wouldn’t have stolen his snack. Leader of the Scorpion gang, Bolo is serving a life sentence imprisonment. I won’t add anything else, except that this gentleman is very angry and that it takes more than one person to make him put a knee on the ground … So…who will do it?

I know it’s a little sadistic to tempt you with  a film whose distribution has not yet started; but yes, let’s say it: I like to tease. For those who want more informations of course I invite you to join the official facebook page : @jailbreakthemovie.

Don’t worry, I also have some articles in the #PopCornParty section to tell you about my favorite movies. To start the series I wrote you a little post about a  great British horror film . Enjoy the reading and see you very soon for more news!



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