What happens when I’m facing 9 guys?

Oh I know already that some readers will think wrong and I already see the bad jokes coming 😉

Well, to the question “what happens when I am VS 9 guys?“, the answer is here on this video which is today 2 years old!

As I mentioned in my  article introducing the category SPORT , I had the pleasure and the chance to take some lessons in order to learn to fight on camera. It was quite logical at one point to use all these hours of training to create a few videos. So today I introduce you BURST, directed by Vincent Gatinaud (director and stuntman) and all his friends who have had a lot of patience with me. Taking care of the choreography and coordination: Mathieu Lardot . You can see his amazing work HERE.

this video is particularly brutal. Here we didn’t spend time working on a story, it’s really a pure action demo. So don’t look for any meaning, any idea of justice or neither a justification. If you like watching fights, then I hope you’ll enjoy! If not, maybe you should wait for the next video which might be less violent 🙂

"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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  1. As you know I have always found Burst particularly gripping because we don’t know the back story. We don’t know what would drive a woman to enter a labyrinth of pain that will result in her own demise. But we know a few things. As you walk towards the first two guards the knife is slightly to your side and exposed. Trained assassins would position the knife further behind the back so there is no flash of the knife prematurely. So, we have a protagonist who is trained to fight but probably not to kill. Then there’s motivation. Typically the death of a child is the catalyst that can drive a woman into a homicidal/suicidal rage. Then there’s the fact that the ‘boss’ who finally ends her life knows her. The gentle caress before killing. The fact that she enters the final battle leaving her knife behind is indicative that she was done. She’d made her point. Her life was over. So all of these clues generate a back story that is never verbally expresses but it is expressed in subtext. Lastly, my favorite moment in the whole film is the moment when you as the woman who has Burst leans momentarily against the wall… readying herself for the final battle, but knowing that her life is at an end. Brilliant film work, Céline. I’m still so very impressed!

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