A positive mind in a healthy body

Today let me share with you this post written by Xavier Tresallet, professional physical trainer and that you’ll be able to meet regularly on this blog.
“Mens sana in corpore sano”/“A healthy mind in a healthy body“, that’s the balance to reach in order to actually take care of yourself and be healthy … and guess what, it works!


“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. Buddha.”

You probably have already heard of the famous “law of attraction” which says that if you desire something strong enough, you will get it. This may seem magical and actually many scientific studies head in the same direction. But beware ! To think or to want something even very strong is not enough!
And it will probably never become concrete as long as you quietly wait in your sofa. In order to make it works

This thought must be sufficiently realistic and anchored in your brain for actions to follow and then be accomplished.

You are what you think … in sport this may be either a blessing or a curse. It depends on the quality of that thought and your belief in that thought.

When thirty years ago I started to train bodybuilding, I was not built according to the classic standards of bodybuilding. But I developed a vision of myself, with a physical that I thought was my own ideal. By then I had no personal trainer, the Internet was not there yet to provide me any advices; but because my will was strong and because I was convinced that I could become the one I imagined, my body started to evolve day after day and I managed to reach my initial goal.

It didn’t happen by magic or by chance,  but because this thought was transformed into an act. I began to do weight training, then I bought books and magazines in order to understand how it worked, and I went back to school to graduate as a fitness teacher and bodybuilder.

After many years I had reached my goal without even noticing it as I’ve always behaved as if I were already “as I wanted to be”.

This is the key: to fool your brain so you can act as your goals were already acquired.

And at last but not least, my goal was realistic , I honestly thought I could reach it. I didn’t dream of becoming Mr. Olympia. If you are 30 years old and do not know how to swim, then don’t dream of becoming an Olympic Swimming champion. Don’t dream of winning the marathon of Paris if your weight is over 250 pounds. We receive the things we desire when we are convinced that we will receive them, and when we are open to receive them; it won’t happen if we are too impatient or too full of doubts. This behaviour will create anxiety; your body will feel  tense and rigid and all your energy will be pulled down.

To resume, it’s not about “I think and it happens” but:

“I think, I believe in it, I DO, and here it happens”


1507902_10201537017409258_713769806_nXavier Tresallet –  Personal Trainer – Facebook Page  – coachsportif@free.fr

"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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