Movies, comics, shows… bring the popcorn !

One of my favorite vices ( and they are many) is to lock me in the darkness of movie theaters rooms, to appreciate the softness of the armchair while (discreetly) tasting a salted-sweet-caramelized popcorn, my eyes riveted towards the big screen.
Another little pleasure to which I yield in an almost ritual way is to bury myself under the duvet and pillows for hours, nights.. for whole weekends, into an “hibernate mode”, a meal tray with snacks on my side… and of course some good cookies.

The phone is off, I only get up for the basic necessities of life, the world could live a massive attack of zombies. What.Ever. I won’t go out of my little home-made improvised bunker. Without ever being able to be satisfied (and I don’t want to be), I devour horror, action, fantastic etc etc … American, Korean, Danish movies etc. etc … not to mention the TV series that I can only consume by whole seasons without moderation nor restrictions.

As I can not help but talk about what I like, I really had to create this blog. In this specific category I’ll you meet to speak about cinema in the section

 #SeancePopCorn where I’ll share with you all my movie-crushes

whether movies cults, classics, anime, B-movies, all kind of genres all mixed together … old movies, new ones, but also the good ones seen in festivals…
My comments will be everything but objective ! I’m not a movie critic, the movies in which I have performed as an actress are not master pieces (let’s cross fingers for the next ones!). Therefore, please don’t see here a judgment but rather my envy and pleasure to share my enthusiasm for the movies that got my attention and particularly touched me.
Ok, sometimes it might happen that I yell out about something but I truly prefer to spend my energy speaking about good things. You’ll also find in this category a section dedicated to

#interviews where I will introduce you to some awesome people and that I really like

… actors, authors, directors, stunt performers…
and many others.
Finally, why be limited to cinema? What about books then? Well, yeah, count on me to write as well about

#literature et #comics

Actually I might have some very cool surprises in this fields, stay tuned… Finally there will be a section


so I can share with you some comments or suggestions for exhibitions, parties, concerts … To hibernate at home is sweet but sometimes it’s fun to go out. It’s all about picking the right places…and the right people. At least I will be able to give you advise regarding the places!

Voilà! Now you know everything about the content of this category. I return to my homework because there are many things I want to talk to you … I meet you in the first article!

"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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  1. I like French romantic movie, like FanFan by Sophie Marceau. Have u ever watched that before?

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