Dodo Adventures

Ladies & Gentlemen : Dodo Superstar

For those who do not know him yet (but how is it possible?!), let me introduce you to Dodo, the ultimate “doudou”, the Kawai Ninja, Dodo the brawler, who’s always in my pocket (when he has not run away to play poker in a gambling dens or to empty bottles of whiskey in a seedy tavern or a stripclub in Arkansas).

Behind softness and a apparent innocence, Dodo is not a tender one

Actually you don’t want to introduce this little guy to your sister, your girlfriend or your daughter… Dodo is not the ideal son-in-law.

Some see him for a tiny teddy bear, others for a rodent…Do not get me wrong … Dodo has thick skin. No, Dodo doesn’t belong to any species and Dodo belongs to no one. I am the one who takes him in my bag wherever I go,  and when I have the chance to find a place worthy of him ( while traveling all over the world),  I photograph him. In the end, maybe all my travels are just an excuse so I can set this little creature in the scene.  As over the years I accumulated many pictures,  this section is partly devoted to him .

Every week, I’ll share with you a different photo and the little story that goes with it … Welcome to the adventures of” Dodo the Explorer”. Ready for a long trip all around the planet!

Who loves me follows me… and follows Dodo!

"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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