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How to not dedicate in this blog a full category to what takes today a large part of my life? SPORT of course! As many of you I guess, I had the opportunity (through school and my parents) to practice different kind of sports when I was a child / teenager. But in the end I actually started to become sporty a few years ago. In order to start this section the right way, let me tell you what does my experience look like.You will understand why I will focus more on certain disciplines  when I’ll write new articles ….

At the age of 6, my parents enroll me in ballet classes. Aside from the ritual of making the perfect bun, wearing the cute light pink leotard and its matching skirt, I can not say that at this age I like it a lot. I am in a very good dance studio which is quite strict. it’s run by a couple of former dancers from the Opera of Paris, which means they teach the traditional way…. which means they are not there to joke but to accurately teach grace and discipline. This is what ballet is:  the discipline of grace and perfection. Nowadays many parents no longer bear that their child face this kind of method, that’s a pity, they underestimate the strength and determination whom a little boy or a little girl are capable of, especially if they are motivated. Besides it’s also a great opportunity for kids to learn education values through sport, which will teach them to observe,to listen and to concentrate. It seems that people, in France at least, just want to have fun and be entertained. Slowly they lose the sense of discipline and effort…and then when they grow up they complain, they feel weak and have no idea of their potential. At 6, 8 or 11 years old I don’t really find my ballet classes funny but still, I keep coming back the following week and after a few years I finally integrate bases that since, I’ve never forgotten.

At that young age what makes things tough is not the severe look of the teachers and the wooden cane (correcting the “developpé” too low or the mistakes of postures) but the fact that I suffer a big lack of confidence. I enjoy dancing and spin on my pointes but I don’t feel comfortable in front of the girls who walked with their heads held high. In ballet you have to be above the ground, the whole world; ballerinas are like angels and little goddesses that nothing can reach … nevertheless I practice ballet about 5 years and today and I can only recommend this discipline, especially from a young age. Meanwhile I also have the chance to take lessons of alpine skiing, swimming, and try a few other sports, but nothing that I am passionate about. Fan of martial arts movies, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan I come to the conclusion that it would makes sense to learn martial arts. There’s no school of Wing Chun nor of Jeet Kune Do where I live so I finally make the choice to start practicing karate, which is a choice I would never regret.

At 15 years old it appears clear to me: I must learn karate



Until I’m 19 years the karate shotokan becomes my sport of predilection, I’m totally addicted. I get my grade of brown belt (1st kyu) in less than 3 years , my teachers encourages me to compete in katas, but the priority is school, the Baccaulaureat that I must success with a mention in 2 years. I have to give up, and I confess that I still have little bit bitter about it, because the rage is here. Instead of participating in the competitions I decide to follow the training and I’m glad I can take part of what is, in the end, the most valuable part of the process: to improve myself , and to train without waiting anything in return.. I am on the right path to prepare my black belt but soon my new lifestyle as a student reduces my attendance. Besides, I’m no longer training at the dojo of my beloved karate instructors. My attachment to them, my admiration and my trust are also a big part of my bound to karate. I now live in Grenoble to attend my studies. I totally give up sport. Then, a long period of” inactivity” follows.

That’s quite a big ellipse! My studies, the tough beginning of my career in the adult industry, precariousness, travels, jet lags, instability etc… I even give up the idea of getting my driver license! For years I travel without having the time nor the energy to train. My notoriety grows and I need time to get used to it. It starts to be difficult to go to public places without being approached, observed, questioned. I lose my motivation and my curiosity.( I will find peace again later when I’ll move to the United States) … Today I ask myself: “But how could I live all those years without practicing any sport! ”


32 years old. New life in Los Angeles. One day my curiosity prompts me to set foot in a dance studio where I used to stop just to watch, intrigued. The teachers walk with a breathtaking elegance and charisma, they cross the dance floor as if a crowd were at their feet, leading their students, making them spin, sliding on the surface of the sparkling and smooth floor; it really looks like a little ballroom. One night I watch the film Strictly Ballroom and I’m melting in front of the performance of the actors. That’s what I want to do! Paso Doble! Once again it is the cinema that brings me to make a new choice. I work this way: I see something that amazes me and inspires me, and then I want to learn it so I can find out the secret mechanics that led me to be fascinated.

So I register for one lesson, you know, just to try. BOOM !  I initially came to learn the Paso Doble, I find myself practicing almost all the ballroom dances : waltz, tango, swing, fox trot, rumba, chacha, salsa, and eventually a little bit of paso doble. .. One year of happiness. A few galas, competitions, a lot of stunning dresses, shoes, make-up, rhinestones and a lot lot of laughters, adrenaline… I usually don’t like to go out that much but here I enjoy going to the salsa parties on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, dancing with 70-year-old Latino gentlemen; or enjoying  Argentinian Tango at the Milongas where one finds itself out of time, dancing eyes closed, a glass of wine nearby …


Then, the circus starts to get my intention … Dazzled by a show with an aerial silks act, I feel right away that I need to try it. Too bad for my fear of heights! You won’t be surprised if I tell you that the hobby becomes soon a real passion.. At that time I’m freshly retired from adult movies. I still perform in stripclubs as a feature-dancer and still enjoy it a lot, but I feel the need of being connected to my body a different way. It’s not about showing, it’s about feeling and working out, learning. I grant myself a year of break, a year away from all the noise of my past life. Fate is generous with me. I don’t have the level required, I even don’t own the basics, but I’m still admitted for a professional training during several months at the circus school Le Studio in Los Angeles. There I learn a little bit contortion, acrobalance, physical acting.  I’m not strong enough and it’s tough, I get tired easily, 5 hours of intensive training 5 days a week is too much for me. But this is a part of the learning process and most of all it’s about forgetting my ego, about learning perseverance, training my mind.


I take a few classes of pole-dance and I really think it’s a beautiful sport but my heart definitely belongs to aerial silks whose contact gives me real sensations of pleasure, and I’d love one day to use it to express myself. I dream of creating my own act, I want to fly. Meanwhile I decide to take lessons of ju-jitsu at Gracie School, a new way for me to confront myself with men. Finally a frank and disinterested contact, nothing sensual here, just the pleasure of sport, of the game. But maybe 5 hours of circus/day + the personal training+ jujitsu was too much.When one doesn’t know its limits, these ones appear by themselves. An intercostal muscle strain forces me to have a break. When the body speaks it must be listened. It’s a very frustrating situation, sport is clearly my life at that time but nothing happens by chance.


It is late 2013, I come back to live in France and start a new chapter of my life. I don’t find a place where I can keep learning aerial fabrics but a new surprise awaits me when I’m on set for the French TV show “The visitor from the Future”. I meet the stunt choreographer/ performer Kefi Abrikh. I’m fascinated by his work and feel like a kid when I watch his team doing rehearsals..What a cool job!I start soon to take classes with him in order to learn to fight on camera. After all, I’m an actress, it’s a part of my job! ( I love using my job as an excuse to do things I love!)

As a fan of action/martial arts movies and martial arts , it’s like a dream coming true.


My interest for martial arts is coming back, I realize that I missed the atmosphere of dojos. Well I’m about to spend there most of my days from now on ! For 2 years I practice alongside Kefi, but also the stunt actors / choreographers Mathieu Lardot, Gary Cothenet and their team of stuntmen with whom I become friend and shoot several action videos (bare hands, knife, katana.) I also meet the choreographers Manu Lanzi, Olivier Schneider, who are real references in the cinema industry … I start to get more confident and I tell myself that it’s probably time to go back to karate even if I thought I’d definitely abandoned.” I’m too old for that”.  Pfff What an excuse!

  We are old once when we think we are.

Here we go! I sign up at the karate school of my city, an excellent place, but I also visit my dear teachers from my youth and that I missed so much. Two months later I pass my exam and get my black belt (1st Dan). Basics are validated! At the same time I pass my red belt of Taekwondo and I practice time to time the penchak silat. (And yes I’m a fan of The Raid). I dream of ju-jitsu, flamenco, Argentinian tango and West Coast Swing but I can not do it all! … just a question of cycles and organization. I have a whole life to plan everything.



I have in mind to mount a number of aerial fabric and to film a performance of contortion. But it will take time to be ready. It’s ok, step by step…..For now I can not train  martial arts because of an injury at my left ankle but there is always way to adapt itself. I enjoy training fitness at my gym and I also started yoga which feels really good!

Today I am 37 years old and I have never felt so well.

Sport is more than a hobby, it’s a part of my balance. It regulates my life, my sleep, my diet,it evacuates my stress, lightens my mind; It is clearly a kind of meditation.

Sport also stimulates our taste for challenges, it improves our relationship with our body, our sensations, it helps us to reconnect with ourselves, which is essential in a society where we split ourselves in a virtual world .

With this blog I want to share with you what I have learned, but I also want to launch with you some # challenges, to continue to learn with the help of some # experts who will share their advices. I hope you’ll take part to this blog as well by asking your questions and share your opinion!

The only limits are the ones you chose!

"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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  1. Thank you for sharing your life experiences, I can’t imagine how tough it must be but I want to thank you for inspiring me with your blogs and I look forward to reading more of your lifes journey. I wish you all the best

  2. I know your journey – I was very active in college, but then I graduated and I didn’t have time for any sport. For a decade I did almost nothing. But a few years ago I started getting back into fitness and now I have too many things to do: kettlebell training, swimming, surfing, and rock climbing. I also want to get back into eskrima. It’s harder to recover now, (we are the same age) but with time I’ve learned to pursue good technique, eat well, get enough sleep, and train to avoid injury. It’s helped my mind as well as my body, and even though I don’t think I’m very disciplined or competing for any prize, I like getting better at my chosen sports, even just by small degrees, through day after day of practice.

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