In a adult male performer’s shoes: the secrets of the erection

The erection, all begins here … at least in porn! If sexuality may not be confined in the mechanics of erection / penetration / ejaculation, it is mostly represented this way in porn movies. Some will focus more or less on the rise of desire but most of the times, except for a girl/girl (lesbian) scene, porn videos really begin with a male who explicitly shows “ready.”

If one says that a man who can’t have an erection is helpless, this implies that the man who can,  is  “powerful”, which means he’s not only competent, but he is also endowed with a power of making him an active male capable to procreate.
I’ve never heard a woman boasting of the morphology of her clit, while a man would easily boast of one “more”. Why? To stand up and speak loud is a way to show physical and masculine strenght.

” I’m hard, therefore I exist”.

This existential equation adds the simple thought: no erection, no film shooting. You will then understand that there’s quite a lot of pressure on a male performer.

If it happens that the porn actress doesn’t feel aroused, she can still act and fake it, she can use some lubricant and warm her body up so it’s possible to make the intercourse possible. That doesn’t sound very fun but yes, that’s a part of the job to be ready and to adapt oneself. Actually it does not forbid that furthermore, the pleasure will come. “The appetite comes with the eating”. By the way it happened to me many times to not be attracted at all by a performer but to still feel a lot of pleasure. Most of all, pleasure is a connection with oneself. But if you’re a male performer and you don’t get hard, the producer will still have to pay the fees of the actress, the makeup-artist, the location, the crew.. In a few words, there is no “IF you don’t get hard”. You HAVE to be hard, that’s all. In this statement  all the troubles begin, because the more you think about it, the less you manage to get it. Your brain is trying to find the connection between your private parts and your moving hand in order to identify the pleasure , to maintain it, to increase it ….But…

By searching too much, it’s easy to oneself. At the exact time when you are wondering if you are hard, your sex is already losing its firmness. Yet, today you have the chance to work with a young woman with beautiful curves. To be honest you’re telling yourself that she wouldn’t even have a look at you if you met on the street, but everyday your job brings you uncommon” colleagues”, and today Anita is there, offering a generous natural 34D . The director throws her in your arms and you get paid for it.

Your mission: to be operational at “Action!” , and to remain this way as long as you are asked to do so (one, two, three hours sometimes more) and whatever Anita’s attitude. At last but not least, you must perform the most generous cum shot as possible in the ten minutes that will follow the director’s “Go!”. For now you are naked in a warehouse that isn’t heated and the director wants to start by making the hardcore pics before shooting the scene, which means you can not count on a friendly help from Anita’s mouth, that’s not professional to mess the makeup. You can not kiss her but you’are required to be hard and all the crew is waiting for you. So, remains to be seen which method works best for you.


Namely, a worshiper of detail. You’re into focusing on a part of the body. This is your thing. Some bouncy buttocks, some heavy breasts or the proud tip of erect nipples, tiny bare feet or on stilettos … you are looking for your magic “stimulus” into a curve, a movement, a piercing, a beauty spot, a small “defect”. .. and you linger there. You sometimes ask your partner to put her foot on your thigh, to stick your breasts against your face, or simply to turn so you can admire the small of her back. Your penis, like many men, reacts to what you see.

You’re “an obsessive”. You just have to stare at the coveted part of the body to make your penis react. An actor told me recently that he had been surprised by the important hairiness of his partner. It was not at first sight a pleasant discovery, but the fact of never having been confronted with this characteristic made him mad with excitement. At one point, the hair of “Mademoiselle” quickly became the focus of his attention. He finally confessed that he would have liked her to have some more. It is not so much the plastic beauty but more often the strangeness that fascinates.


You’re one of those who prefer to mentally escape from the set and to forget that you’re supposed to play a patient with his nurse and most of all, you must forget that you’re about to shoot a scene. The director’s fantasy is not yours. You prefer to imagine that this girl with whom you’ve already worked fifteen times, is a perfect unknown, maybe a hitchhiker picked up by the roadside or a woman met at Starbucks. These are your favorite fantasies of the moment, the ones which turn you on the most. Someday it can be weird and twisted, sometimes it can be incredibly simple.

Besides, you don’t want to take the risk of being disappointed by your partner’s attitude. All the actresses don’t behave the same way. Each one is different, each is day is different. Sometimes it happens that she complains, she’s not always in a good mood or sometimes she wants to share too much of her personal life and you don’t want so much to hear about gossips or dramas. It might sound rude but you also need to protect yourself from too much negativity. So, to sum up, you can see the girl of your dreams coming on set, and see your libido annihilated too because of a laugh, a word, a smell …

Chemistry is not always here. You’re mentally arming yourself.

You immediately enter your cozy bubble, a bubble where all the women desire you, where you have only to choose what please yourself. You’re safe, no one will disappoint you or will reject you since you’ve built yourself a perfect world run by your own rules… I had the opportunity to speak with many male performers about it.

I remember one of them, an American guy, quite successful. Personally I didn’t really like to work with him. He was extremely cold, very professional and respectful but there was no real kindness nor attention. He was empty. I was feeling a little bit angry with him; he was remembering me that we were there to work and only work. When I asked him what justified his attitude, he explained to me that he simply didn’t want to take any risk. He didn’t want to become dependant of his partner. If the chemistry and the good mood were there, fine, but first of all he was making the choice to isolate himself in his own scenario. This male performer never needed to touch the girl to get an erection or evenin order to reach orgasm. The only mastery of his “fantasy box” was allowing him to face all situations.


You prefer to rely on your past and acquired experience rather than trusting the present moment that you might be not able to control. Your body is touching Anita but your mind is with Sandy, your partner from yesterday. A real moment of ecstasy. Your main concern at this time was mostly to control yourself enough to NOT come. The chemistry was perfect. You may also prefer your girlfriend. No one knows you and accepts you better than she does. She knows your desires, she loves you, you can do anything with her. She’s the fantasy that haunts you … at least for now. You’ve already staring at the cleavage of the makeup artist that you will never have. And right now that’s what turns you on.


To rely on its own imagination and its libido is a logical reflex when sexuality is at stake, but it’s also a risk. How do you make room for fantasies while your head is still filled with stress? You got an argument with your girlfriend one hour ago, you have a ton of bills to settle as soon as you come back home…Your “bubble” doesn’t manage to grow and float, your libido is flat. You’re one of those who have a reliable recourse that saves you from any psychological weakness.

By experience you’ve made your body a wonderful working tool, a perfectly well-oiled machine. You know how to take care of it, to prepare it, to adjust and handle it. Your body can sometimes alert you that something is going wrong but then your brain takes over.

I recently saw a well-known male adult performer deeply digging his toe as he walked accidentally on a floor strewn with pieces of glasses. The foot is bleeding, the actress is about to faint, the crew panics. His erection remains almost intact. He doesn’t lose his concentration, calmly asks to cover the wound and insists on shooting the scene as quick as possible..( Ok, this kind of result can also happen with viagra but I knew that he wasn’t using the blue pills. By the way I’ll publish an article about viagra later)

Your brain has been able to temporarily ignore the pain and has remained focused on the only thing that only matters: your erection. Your partner could be 100 pounds heavier than you (you’ve probably already had this kind of experience at your beginnings as an amateur), whatever. Your unstoppable technique of “yoyo” makes you an “all land” actor: you masturbate until the excitement is at its height, then you preserve yourself from reaching orgasm and… you stop. This technique is so deeply rooted into you that this even allows you to talk about poker or about the last MMA fight with the photographer, or to shake hands (with your free hand!) with the journalist . You are a” real pro”.

You can be a real pro or you a beginner, you always have a chance to endure an erection problem..


The sexual performance anxiety of any “regular”man is the nightmare of the adult performer. Even when justified by poor working conditions, erection issues don’t really engender compassion and besides, people speak A LOT. The little world of porn is not without reminding of the mean microcosm of  the “Desperate Housewives”. Everything is said, repeated, and amplified. No pity for the one who has shown some weakness, he can definitely renounce his candidacy as the “dominant male” and he will soon be classified as “the one who can’t be hard”.

The problem is not so much the breakdown in itself, but the trauma it generates. From failure comes anguish and anxiety, a predisposition to relive failure. It’s not easy to be a man… An other male performer told me one of his most embarrassing moment on set. One day he finds himself in front of his favorite pornstar. A stunning blond woman of an almost terrifying perfection. After all those years fantasying about her, he can finally touch her and he’s even well paid for that. She’s standing there, in fine lingerie and stiletto heels … and nothing happens. He’s petrified. Some technicians start giggling, making unpleasant comments. He’s definitely in a scenario but it’s not the right one. He can’t be hard. He finally confines himself in the toilets in order to focus on himself and to bring the excitation back by “reading” an adult magazine. Guess who’s there? The porn actress he’s supposed to work with! And it’s thanks to her, as a disembodied fantasy, that he manages to become operational again. This story seems absurd but it’s so representative.

A reality made of flesh is much more terrifying than an idealized image. Some “porn addicts” can also have this kind of issue when they have a real woman in their bed. The total control doesn’t exist and you must deal with it. It’s real life. You will not be surprised if I tell you that many actors who have been confronted with this type of situation no longer want to venture this experience and prefer to taste the “joys “of the blue pill. (However this medecine can’t always prove effective.)

Many of the male performers don’t need it, but because of they anxiety they tend to develop a vice of addiction. Just like the actor who confines himself in a perfect scenario, some swallow the magic pill right away, without trying to feel any natural desire. This way they don’t have to ask themselves again : “Wait a second.. Am I hard? “.

There are a thousand and one reasons to be impressed on set: the director is Rocco Siffredi and you’re convinced you must prove something, which is a bad idea; you’re booked for a scene with the actress who rocked your 17 years … You are shooting at night, in a park, during winter with a very unfriendly actress … Well, in any case a” real pro” will always be operational.

A good adult performer is a performer who doesn’t think, or at least… who only thinks of what will serve his performance.



"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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  1. This article is really awesome. I have heard a tale, that when the director said ‘cut’, most male performer stops erecting immediately! Is that true? Maybe doing something as a career would be sometimes frustrated. One of my friend, who is a sports journalist,never goes to football pitch at free time. Likely,maybe people in adult industry will be also frustrated about sex. By the way, I would like to share u with my secret. if mine is not hard enough, i will recall ur performance in Fly girls and footsiebabes. Yeah, I am a foot fetish guy

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