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Shop Like a Pornstar ^ _ ^

I recently announced on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, that I am now ready to separate from multiple objects that were part of my past life / career in the adult industry, while I was still called “Katsuni”. (I quit porn at the beginning of 2013 …) So, ready / ready to go shopping like a pornstar?

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What items will be for sale?

  •  Sexy outfits from my porn videos, photoshoots … also worn at festivals, signings and events/parties.
  • Shoes ( classic high heels, platform / American stripper shoes) worn on set and on stage.
  • Striptease costumes (some of them are in the burlesque style)
  • Rare custom made outfits by a fashion designer, in latex.
  • Sexy lingerie “made in USA”, and fine lingerie, high quality corsets.
  • Evening/cocktail dresses worn during awards ceremonies (AVN Awards in Las Vegas, Hot d’Or in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona etc …)
  • My French and US DVDs. And even …. A video tape of my very first adult feature-film! I enjoyed keeping all these movies without ever willing to watch them. (Living porn interested me more than watching it!)
  • Adult magazines since the beginning of my career.
  • Awards, statuettes won at the various adult festivals … I have won 38 (or 39 not sure…) awards throughout the world during my career. Some statuettes are damaged, and I got rid of a few, but I kept most of them, including a dozen AVN Awards and two Hot D’Or.

Amongst these awards , you’ll find different titles: “Best French Actress, Best European Actress, Best Foreign Female Performer of the Year, Best Solo Sex Scene, Best Group Scene, Best Girl / Girl Scene, Best Anal Video, etc.) … In short, what to decorate your beautiful fireplace!

What price?

I will propose a minimum price on Ebay for an immediate sale for some items, and it will also be possible to get them through an auction system. Ebay seems to me to be the most convenient platform: efficient presentation of the items, good visibility, secure payment, everything is clear!

Available when?

From this week! Since I have a lot of things to offer and I must also get back a part (stored elsewhere), I will add to the shop over several months. Expect to see all kind of items: chic and cheap! To be a porn actress is not to be a fashion model or a queen of good taste. ^ _ ^ Myself, I confess to be perplex whe I look at some of the outfits I used to wear lol Well…let’s say it was tiny and colorful !! But there will also be pretty princess dresses …

Regarding the Hot D’Or (true symbols of the golden age of porn and without a doubt, the most requested objects since I made my announcement), they will be proposed in very last, so be patient!

For who?

For everyone, men and women, but especially the big fans! The value of the articles on offer is very diverse, but it resides above all in what they represented during my career, and some articles are not damaged but quite used. Some shoes for example, worn many times on stage. The evening dresses are intact, worn only once for some of them….Anyway, the fans of my videos and foot fetish lovers will should find a few treasures here.

These articles are especially addressed to fans collectors and lovers of extravagant outfits.

Why do I sell everything?

Some of you are surprised about my choice, even trying to convince me to keep my awards to keep my memories alive! You know, I liked my experience in porn, I even wrote a book about it. (“Do not say that you like that” Fayard. Not in English yet! ) But it’s time for me to free myself from these objects. They certainly have a sentimental value, but I don’t see their utility anymore. I do not need a statuette to remember the pleasure I’ve felt. On the other hand, I’m thinking about moving out, it’s time to get rid of things from the past. (except my stuffed animals of course lol).

What will be the money for?

Journalists and followers immediately asked me if some of the funds would be donated to an association. I was surprised by this question. I actually intended to do so confidentially, because I believe that generosity shouldn’t be ostentatious. I don’t criticize those who make sales by officially involving humanitarian associations, but that is not my approach.

I then understood that evoking an association made people feel better, reassured.

The press could then communicate about the event since there would be a “good cause” in the background. Some buyers might be even more enthusiastic by saying, “I’m buying a porn-related item, but I’m doing a good thing too right?!”

So I thought about it, weighing the pros and the cons, telling myself that, after all, I could solicit an association whose action appeals to me, and offer to share a portion of the sales. So this is what I did. Result: the association I’ve contacted refused not only to be publicly associated with me, but also refused any financial help, even privately !! So I come back to my original decision: yes, I will pay a party to an association, but this gesture will remain confidential. I can only tell you for now that in any case, it will be with an association which care about children.

And the rest? Well, I intend to enjoy! Porn actresses may generate millions of views on the Internet, they don’t perceive royalties from their videos! So, no, I don’ intend to feel guilty about earning some little money from emblematic objects of a job in which I have invested myself so much. To buy me a new wardrobe? Nope, I have much more interesting projects in mind, many trainings to follow in my process of professional retrainings ( massage and therapeutic, psychological and corporal approaches).

  Using the vestiges of my past career in order to feed the new one is, in my eyes, very symbolic: I build on the foundations of the past to keep growing.

Signed photos

For those who will make purchases, I can, at their request, sign the chosen objects, and will join an autographed photo. For certain objects, if you are in Paris, you will have the option to meet me to receive them from my hands. (in Paris only) It will be also the opportunity to immortalize this moment by making a selfie together 😉

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"On a plusieurs vies dans une vie."

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  1. Je vous adore Mlle Celine, j’espère sincèrement que tous vos articles se vendront bien car ils sont le symbole d’une vie passée. Comme vous le dîtes si bien “on a plusieurs vies dans une vie” et donc maintenant que vous êtes passée à autre chose je vous souhaite du succès dans votre nouvelle vie. Bises d’un de vos grands admirateurs.

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