My Katana fight

And that’s what happens when you want to mess around ! With stuntman and choreographer Kefi Abrikh,  we must be ready to expect everything. This little video was orchestrated by him and  he’s also the one who trained me to be able to do it. That was  already 2 1/2 years ago. We had filmed Heartbreaker trailer (which I will post here soon) and as on most of the shootings we had not enough time to film everything .

So we decided to keep training and to realize this little fight together. Since then, I had the pleasure of using my katana in the video Dust Machina and then in the action feature film Jailbreak  recently released in movie theaters in Cambodia.

Lots of good memories … and no injuries! For those who do not know Bladed Minds, don’t forget to watch it all the way! Enjoy 😉