Porn prevention video


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been thinking of talking about adult videos. It’s time for me to share my point of view. The media talks a lot about porn today as this topic generates a lot of traffic. But beyond the fun and entertaining side, it’ seems to me that it’s important to talk about it from another angle.


  •     For my part I’ve never considered myself as an activist for the adult industry . I only used the opportunities of being interviewed by mainstream media to remind people that working in this kind of business is actually a real job and that it’s absolutely possible to enjoy it without being forced or abused (a very common cliche in France) .
  • If I’ve enjoyed my 13 years of pleasure and if today I feel no regret, my perception of this job changed with years. When one is fully investing itself in something, it’s normal to see things differently. But today,  I am 38 years old, I see my nephews growing up, I watch children and teenagers around me and I answer their questions through my blog, but also on my new show on Facebook Live “Plz Yourself” , a program dedicated to seduction, relationships and sexuality. I face their questions, doubts, anxieties, I also discuss with some doctors, psychiatrists, teachers …. and even catholic priests.


  • This is not what I used to think before , but today I have to admit one thing: like a lot of content that is mass-produced and available for free on the Internet, porn videos do have an influence on some of its audience. Many people use it as a reference and don’t always distinguish the differences between fantasy and reality. Little by little these images develop a form of power/influence. It’s not always obvious of course, but these images finally make their way into the unconscious. My intention isn’t to destroy the fantasies that this kind of videos generates by telling you that this industry might be creepy or perverse, that women are constantly dominated and exploited. That’s not what I think.
  • Unfortunately, yes, there are some abuses and deviations in every industry and every professional environment. But this is not the object of my approach. I’m not really interested in the adult industry anymore, I’ve found what I’ve been looking for during my “personal journey”, and I stopped my career about 4 years ago in order to explore other horizons and new means of expression. (and they’re many!) Today I am concentrated on a lot of different projects, but sexuality and the relation to the body are always part of my favourite subjects.


  • For years I was criticized for setting a bad example, especially to the new generations. It always made me laugh. Ladies and gentlemen, if I had wanted to set “a good example”, well, I probably would not have chosen to become a porn star! First of all, I wanted to live this experience as an intimate experience, as a sexual learning, an exploration of my body and as a transgressive choice. (which was to me, the most exciting part). I don’t act to please others. I only try to fully share what makes me happy. However, when one is invited on TV shows, one gains influence. “Great powers involve great responsibilities”
  • That is why I would like to express my point of view today. Yes, we can have fun by having sex, whether in front of or behind a camera, with one or several partners, whether it’s by doing missionary or by being spanked. There are as many sexualities as there are individuals. There’s a social “referenced standard”, but in my opinion the norm doesn’t exist. The only “good” sexuality in my sense, is the one where one feels comfortable with a partner who shares the same conception of pleasure. Sexuality is an intimate language. It’s not a matter of setting an example, but it’s a matter of informing.


I invite you to watch this little video where I present my point of view. This video is intended for all and all ages, and especially teenagers. There are things that may seem obvious to you, but sometimes, it’s useful to go “back to basics”. Don’t hesitate to react and post your comments/ questions here. And of course, feel free to share!

Take care of yourself!